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October 2007

  • Tournament Notes: The President's Cup
  • Audio Download of Zen Putting
  • Dr. Joe’s Fall Appearances
  • Guest Starring Malcolm McDowell

Here’s the quote of the month we wanted to share, from one of our readers. Dr. Joe has told me this is what his work is all about, and getting feedback like this is a truly heart-warming experience:
““I love this book. It has changed my outlook on everything I do, not just golf. I'm more patient, less stressed and just an all around better person. The main thing I've learned from this book is how to forgive myself and not be so harsh to myself when I make mistakes in life and golf. I have begun to realize that approval of everyone around me is not near as important as the approval I give myself in my own mind. I have recommended this book to everyone that I know. Thank you for this book. Sincerely, Doug P., Tennessee"


Tournament Notes: The President's Cup

My MVPs of the President’s Cup – shared between Woody Austin and “Captain” Jack Nicklaus, with an assist from Barbara. Woody’s unique blend of intensity and humility, with a helping of self-punishment, combined in this venue to produce the ideal team energy – strong desire without taking things so seriously that everyone got uptight (the uptightness that is a usual suspect in losses at the Ryder Cup). Nothing says quality in team chemistry like wins in foursomes – alternate shot – play, and the lopsided win in that format by the Americans was a first.

Jack is held in the utmost respect by every team member. As Phil Mickelson said, Jack’s ‘suggestions’ carry a lot of weight. His leadership is brilliant – knowing when to let the players decide things for themselves, and when to take the reins and make the call. Jack’s wife Barbara is one of my favorite people in all of golf. She’s the ultimate host and organizer, enduring support for her husband, and has a sparkling sense of humor. It was Barbara who went out and bought the goggles for Woody “Aquaman” Austin to wear at his next visit the #14 where he had taken the plunge and endeared himself to millions of golfers.


The Zen Golf Shop: Audio Download of Zen Putting

ZEN PUTTING: Mastering the Mental Game on the Greens, unabridged and read by Dr. Joe, is now available through Audible.com and iTunes. Look for the link for the audio download in The Zen Golf Shop at www.zengolf.com.

Our special on the Mastering the Mental Game DVD Series continues, as well as the very popular special price for both Zen Golf and Zen Putting Audiobooks. Gift Certificates for Personal or Phone Lessons with Dr. Joe are a great idea for the upcoming holiday season.


Dr. Joe’s Fall Appearances

Dr. Joe had two more enjoyable discussions with Peter Kessler on “At The Turn” on October 2nd and October 18th, speaking about the U.S. Victory in the President’s Cup and about Zen, the mental game, and Tiger’s dominance in professional golf.

Doc welcomed two writers to the Ojai Valley Inn in October. Author Josh Karp is writing a book about golf and spirituality for Chronicle Press, slated for publication in 2008. We’ll keep you updated on the release date, (and you can read about Josh birdying the first hole of his playing lesson with Doc).

Also visiting was Connell Barrett, a Feature Editor for Golf Magazine, who will be producing a feature on Dr. Joe’s teaching and the power of Zen Golf. Again, we’ll let you know which issue to look for.

Doc did corporate presentations and on-course lessons in Washington DC for a major IT consulting company, in Palm Desert at an association conference of insurance executives, and at a client appreciation event in Carlsbad for a top-five financial advisor firm.

He was in Scottsdale coaching at the PGA Tour Fry’s Electronics Open, and led a very enjoyable Golf Academy at the Ojai Valley Inn.

November will include a Coaches Gathering at the Ojai Valley Inn (for coaches, psychologists, and trainers in golf), a mental game seminar at Saticoy Country Club in Camarillo, and presentations to the Women’s Southern California GA at Red Hill CC and to the members of all the PGA West courses in LaQuinta.


Guest Starring Malcolm McDowell

Catch Dr. Joe’s student, golf buddy, and actor extraodinaire Malcolm McDowell on Fred Greene’s GolfSmarter Podcast this month, www.golfsmarterpodcast.com. While Fred was visiting with us Labor Day weekend, Doc introduced him to Malcolm, who generously took the time to visit with Fred and wax eloquent on all things golf. (Of course you can also listen to the GolfSmarter podcasts that feature Doc, which are always rated among the most popular).

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