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February 2011


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Special Offers for the New Year  

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Dr. Joe at the Northern Trust Open

Many of you have taken advantage of the opportunity to walk with Dr. Joe at a PGA Tournament. Your next chance is at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club, on Thursday and Friday, February 17 and 18. Just call the office, 805.640.1046 for details.


Tip of the Month

I was working with an amateur playing his first Bob Hope Classic. The player was overly concerned about scoring and asked for a way to get past this obstacle. The solution was to keep a different kind of "score" - counting the number of shots he really liked, rather than scoring by pars and birdies, bogeys and others. 

The goal was to have 18 shots each nine holes that he prepared for with clarity, committment and composure, where the swing felt good, the ball felt good leaving the clubface, and travelled in the general direction of his target. Of course this included putts that he "made" that might not have ended up in the hole. 
The player ended up hitting 12-18 shots he really liked on each nine, scored better than he expected to, and had a great time at the tournament.
If you are one of the many golfers who gets sidetracked from the important business of just playing golf shots by keeping track of the numbers on the scorecard, try just counting the shots you really like.

This will help you concentrate on the process, rather than the results - which will end up giving you better results, on the course and on your scorecard.


The Email Bag

Dear Dr. Joe,

"Zen Golf is a great book!  I have been king of the driving range and terrible on the course. In the two rounds since reading the book I dropped 6 strokes and am so much more relaxed. It's fun and no longer so frustrating. Thank you."
San Mateo, CA

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Tour Stats to Know

If you were watching the dramatic finish at Farmer's Open, you saw Phil Mickelson instruct his caddy to tend the flag as he took dead aim from 72 yards. This wasn't just showboating, as these talented players usually hit their wedges straight at the flagstick, and on the 18th green at Torrey Pines South, a shot hitting the stick can bounce back into the water. (It cost Charles Howell the tournament one year.)

Phil missed holing out by only a few inches, and fell short of the playoff by one stroke, but this got us thinking about how many hole-outs happen on the PGA Tour in a year.

It turns out to be quite a few.

In 2010 there were 130 hole-outs from 100 or more yards from the hole.

The longest was 296 yards by Shiv Kapur at the Reno-Tahoe Open. The most popular distance was lucky 113, accounting for 5 hole-outs. Rocco Mediate was the big man on the list,  with 6 triple-digit hole-outs, ranging from 110 to 218 yards. Rocco's collection included a great run during his win at the Frys.Com open where he holed out once in each round. His favorite "lay-up" distance last year was clearly 160, from where he jarred two!

On the other end of the spectrum - if you get frustrated when you don't sink long putts that a TV broadcaster might call "makeable," here are some helpful numbers.

In 2010 NO PLAYER on the PGA Tour holed more than 33 putts from 25 feet or more. Boo Weekley led the list with 33 long one-putts in 88 rounds. This translates to approximately one long putt going in every 50 holes or so. 18 other players had between 25 and 30 of these lengthy putts go in, at approximately the same rate of only once every three or four rounds.

So if you're not holing those long bombs on the green very often, don't be frustrated - be confident that the best players in the world aren't doing a whole lot better.

Events & Media

Keynote Speaking, Executive Coaching and Business Golf Opportunities
Dr. Parent is now being represented by Fidelity Sports Group for his Keynote Speaking, Corporate Outings and other business golf opportunities. To book Dr. Joe for a speech, corporate event or client golf appreciation program, please contact David Moorman or Drew Carr of Fidelity Sports Group at 407.420.1500 or email to info@fidelitysportsgroup.com.
"Making The Turn" with Peter Kessler
Dr. Joe is a regular commentator on Peter Kessler's "Making the Turn," a very popular radio program on the PGA TOUR Network of XM/Sirius. Dr. Joe speaks with Peter every other week, with additional special appearances after majors and "cup" events. This month Dr. Joe joins Peter on February 14 then on March 9 and 21. The program airs Monday-Friday on XM146 and Sirius209 and can also be conveniently accessed from the homepage of the PGA Tour website.
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To schedule phone consultations, lessons or for more information on any Zen Golf programs, please call the Zen Golf International office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com 
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Ken Zeiger 
Program Director, 
Zen Golf International 
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