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Dr. Joe Quotes of the Week 4-11-19

From Dr. Joe's Lessons:
"Dr. Joe, just wanted to let you know I have had great results from the chipping lesson you gave me over the phone! I qualified for the MAAC Championship next week! Thank you again!"    Jimmy C., Paramus, NJ

When we use the word transition with regard to the golf swing, most people think of the transition from backswing to downswing. However, for the mental game the key transition is in regard to the passage into the time of “between shots.” Making this transition properly means letting go of the past, but not jumping ahead to the future. As the saying goes, “The past is history, the future’s a mystery. Being alive in this moment is a gift – that’s why they call it the present.”
-- from the chapter "Transitions"

in ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game  

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      Before starting a new weight-loss program, take a look at the assumptions about dieting that you may have carried with you for a while. Don’t automatically buy into the latest information from the web that tells you what’s good or bad for you. No matter how much information you've collected about dieting, you can always take a fresh start.
-- from the Chapter "Empty Your Cup"

in THE BEST DIET BOOK EVER: The Zen of Losing Weight

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"After reading this book, Dr. Parent has given me a new outlook on 'dieting'. I can now see why I've always struggled with it, going on and off, feeling guilty and putting myself down. THIS BOOK CAN WORK FOR ANYONE, SO READ IT!"  Chris D.

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  —Cristie Kerr, US Open and LPGA Champion, #1 in Rolex World Rankings of Women’s Golf

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