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January 2010


The Year Ahead 
The Email Bag 
Tour Stats to Know
Golf Digest Article
Zen Golf Teleforum
Events and Media


The Year Ahead

While some golfers, (like those of us in Southern California), have the ability to play and practice golf year-round, many of you are enjoying the wonders of the winter season encased in parkas or sitting in front of fireplaces. For those who don't get the opportunity to work on the physical aspects of the game, (except of course for the putting stroke), these months can prove to be very fruitful for the mental side of our lives, and not just for golf. Both Zen Golf and Zen Putting contain instruction on mindful awareness practice.

Here are some links to chapters from Dr. Joe's audiobook version of ZEN GOLF that give instruction for mindful awareness practice.

Cultivating and Strengthening Awareness
Taking Your Seat
Getting Focused
Staying in the Present
Expansive Awareness

Here are some links to chapters from Dr. Joe's audiobook version of ZEN PUTTING, that give instruction for mindful awareness practice.

Structuring Your Mind Training Session
Mindful Awareness In Action
Don't Let Your Mind Take The Shape of Your Thoughts

*Persons with respiratory issues should consult a health professional before doing any breathing exercise.


The Email Bag

Dear Dr. Joe -

I have no doubt you receive many, many emails of this nature. Here is one more for your collection.

I've been listening to your book, "Zen Golf", on audio all week. Yesterday I put your methods to the test.

I play golf with my wife every Thursday afternoon. On one particularly long par 4, I hit a fabulous shot that happened to plug in the face of the greenside bunker. When I started laughing and said, "that looks like a fun bunker shot", she turned to me and said, "who are you, and what have you done with my husband?"

The fact of the matter is that yesterday was the most fun I have had playing golf in a long time. Using just a few of your techniques allowed me to play very relaxed and in fact, very well. It was one of the best rounds I have played in weeks.

After finishing 17 with a par, anxious thoughts began creeping into my mind. I glanced up toward the sky and smiled. I said out loud, "I acknowledge you, I know you are there, but i am going to dive under you and par number 18. You can hang around all you like, but while you thrash around up there, I will be diving under you, down here." I shot par on 18, perfectly.

Thank you for your book!



Tour Stats to Know

In 2009 the top 59 PGA Tour pros got the ball up and down 6o% of the time or better when missing the green in regulation. This statistic is called "scrambling" and the closer our talents approach those of the pros, the lower the scores that we post. A sharp short game and confident putting stroke can make up for a multitude of sins in the long game. A solid routine is just as important when aiming at the hole as it is when aiming at the fairway.

The top five PGA scramblers this past year were Tim Petrovic (one of Dr. Joe's clients), Ian Poulter, Matt Kuchar, and, not surprisingly, the top two money winners on Tour in 2009,  Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods. 


Golf Digest Article

In case you missed the Golf Digest Breaking 100/90/80 excerpt of Dr. Parent's newest book, GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game, featuring 100 of Dr. Joe's tips paired with the uniquely beautiful golf drawings of Anthony Ravielli, you can find it at Golfdigest.com or click here. The autographed copy is also available exclusively at zengolf.com, along with the rest of the Zen Golf line of instructional materials.


Zen Golf Teleforum

Our Zen Golf Teleforum has been very lively lately, with Dr. Parent answering Members' questions about routine, distracting playing partners, ways of dealing with nerves during tournaments and practice round strategies, just to name a few topics. We encourage those of you who are interested but haven't taken the plunge to visit zengolf.com and sign up for our introductory trial membership. In addition to participating in the next three telefora, and access to the complete archive of all previous ones, you can view and listen to our other multimedia resources on the website, and are entitled to discounts on products. By expanding to the full annual membership, of course, you will qualify for all lesson and consultation discounts, as well.

Next Teleforum Date

The next Member's Teleforum is scheduled for Tuesday, January 12th at 5:30 p.m. Pacific, 8:30 p.m. Eastern. If you have questions for Dr. Joe to answer during the call, please email them to us by 5 p.m. Monday, the 11th at: info@zengolf.com.


Events & Media


Dr. Joe will be teaching a Low Score School with GOLF Magazine top 100 teacher Glenn Deck at the renowned Pelican Hill Resort on January 16th or 17th.  Click here for information about the Low Score School. The following weeks Dr. Joe will be working with his pros at the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Desert from the 18th through the 21st, the Sand Diego Open at Torrey Pines the 26th through 29th, and at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera Country Club the first week of February. Please contact the office for information about meeting Dr. Joe at one of the tour stops. We will be happy to help schedule a clinic at your club, a talk for you company or association, or a private lesson for you or your foursome. 

"At The Turn" with Peter Kessler

Dr. Joe will return in 2010 as a regular commentator on Peter Kessler's "At the Turn," a very popular radio program on the PGA TOUR Network of XM/Sirius. Dr. Joe will be speaking with Peter every other week, with additional special appearances after majors and "cup" events, January dates are the 12th and the 26th. The program airs monday-friday at 10 a.m. Eastern, and can also be accessed from the homepage of the PGA Tour website.

Dr. Joe at Your Club

You can invite Dr. Joe to speak at your club, and offer a Zen Putting clinic as well as group lessons and on-course instruction.

For more information, please call the Zen Golf office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com. 



Check out one of our new favorite training devices - the Orange Whip. The included DVD will also show you how to use this great tempo trainer as a warm-up aid before your practice session or round of golf.

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To schedule phone consultations, lessons or for more information on any Zen Golf programs, please call the Zen Golf International office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com 
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Yours in Clarity, Commitment, and Composure, 
Ken Zeiger 
Program Director, 
Zen Golf International 
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