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July 2007

  • Zen Golf Cruise in the Hawaiian Islands with Dr. Joe and Tina Mickelson
  • Zen Putting CD Audiobook and Mental Game Mastery DVD's are on the way!
  • October Golf School in Ojai
  • Dr. Joe's Summer Appearances
  • Tournament Notes: The U.S. Open
As the temperatures are rising this summer, hope your golf game is peaking as well. Now think of cool ocean breezes, and read about the first-time special event that you can participate in a few months from now:  

Zen Golf Cruise in the Hawaiian Islands with Dr. Joe and Tina Mickelson

Dr. Joe, accompanied by Tina Mickelson, will be leading a golf cruise of the Hawaiian Islands the week of November 3-10, 2007. Great for couples, but also a great way for anyone to enjoy the combined benefits of a wonderful cruise and the insights of a great Zen Golf program. For details, go to www.ZenGolfCruise.com.  


Zen Putting CD Audiobook and Mental Game Mastery DVD's are on the way!

The 5-CD Audiobook of Zen Putting: Mastering the Mental Game on the Greens, read by Dr. Joe, and the 4-DVD Mental Game Mastery series, featuring Dr. Joe giving lessons, will be available on-line and in golf shops by mid-July ( click here for online ordering) or go to www.zengolf.com/html/buy_the_book.shtml.

Zen Putting and Zen Golf are already available in hardcover in bookstores, golf shops and on-line.

If you have comments on ZEN GOLF or ZEN PUTTING we’d love to hear from you, (or read your reviews on amazon.com - hint, hint). Here’s one we received this month: 
“I have Zen Golf on audio and love it for what it has done for my outlook on the course and in life.” – C.H., Reading, PA


October Golf School in Ojai

Dr. Joe will be teaching a two-day golf school as part of the Golf Academy of the Ojai Valley Inn Resort on October 13-14, 2007. For more information, call the Zen Golf office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or go to www.zengolf.com/calendar.htm


Dr. Joe's Summer Appearances

Dr. Joe worked with David Toms and Tim Petrovic during the practice rounds of the U.S. Open, and had the opportunity to talk with Johnny Miller (they share the same publisher). Then Doc flew to Jamaica for his second appearance at the annual Caribbean Classic Golf Tournament and Charity Event at Montego Bay.

Doc joined Peter Kessler once again on his “Making the Turn” XM Satellite Radio show on June 19 to talk about The U.S. Open. He’ll be back on Peter’s show to discuss the Open Championship from Carnoustie on July 24. 


Tournament Notes: The U.S. Open

Oakmont was in immaculate condition – not a blade of grass out of place, yet maintained the rugged look from the fescue growing all around the fairways and in the hazards. Having spent Tuesday and Wednesday in practice rounds walking with David Toms and Tim Petrovic, the impression is that it would be a challenging course without the rough, or without the severe bunkering, or without the undulating greens. All of them together make it incredibly tough.

Commentators keep talking about a fair test, but who said golf was supposed to be fair? In the old country (UK) at the Open Championship, funny bounces are the norm. This US Open at Oakmont played a bit like that – there were severely banked fairways, where shots that landed in the middle ended up in the first cut.

There were holes like number 12 that just didn’t leave a good option for any shot – an average drive bounces into the bunker, a three-wood rolls into the rough, and can you imagine teeing off with a five-wood/hybrid on a 667-yard hole? The lay-up is no bargain – on the right it bounces into a hazard or bunker; on the left even if you carry the fairway bunker you have to hit over more bunkers to a tucked pin on a downslope. This is really a par 6.

The greens were rolling very smoothly – hardly a bump other than an old ball mark not quite tamped down. It’s not that they were that much faster than other majors, especially the Masters, but that there was so much slope that the pros had to putt defensively. I feel that was what cost Tiger on the greens – defensive putting is not his style. Tiger over-read most of the breaking putts he had, which is what happens when a good player putts defensively. When it came to saving par with relatively straight putts, he was amazing on Sunday. Save after save after save.

My main advice to David and Tim was to conserve mental energy. It’s so draining, like a tough chess match, to think through the course strategy. There are plenty of stressful shots, so don’t make the round any more stressful by taking risks, especially out of the rough. You have to make getting out of the rough a higher priority than advancing farther toward the hole. Take your medicine. Finally, avoid complaining about peripherals – traffic, miscommunications, food, weather, etc. I reminded them of the “Cover the Roads with Leather” chapter of Zen Golf.

When David hit a wedge shot in the practice round that covered the flag and stopped a couple of feet from it, he called it a “Zen wedge shot.” He finished four shots back, in 5th place. Next time we talk we’ll discuss how he might save one shot per round – that gets him a tie for 1st.

I was asked after the tournament by Peter Kessler on his radio show (Making the Turn, XM Radio) if the other pros now felt Tiger was less dominant. What the pros recognize is that he played far from his best golf from tee to green on Sunday, and his incredible ability to recover and save par from just about anywhere kept him in the game all the way to the end.

© 2007 Dr. Joseph Parent 


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