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June 2009


   Cristie Kerr's Win Puts Her on Top of Money List
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Congratulations to Cristie Kerr on her first win of the year, and her 12th on the LPGA Tour, at the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill. Here are a couple of the questions she answered in the media tent during the tournament.

Q. Does the mental training you're doing kind of allow you to get over the valleys in the day, like when you hit a bad shot?
CRISTIE KERR: Oh, absolutely. It absolutely does. And you learn when you're good mentally on every shot, just like Tiger, you're going to kind of mosey through, mosey through when you're not hitting it good and maybe be 1 under, even or something like that, and when you start hitting it good like I did on the back, that's when you pick up momentum. And if you can ride those patches where not everything is coming together, that's when you know you're playing really well.

Q. As an outsider you wouldn't think the past U.S. Women’s Open champion, you'd think you'd be very mentally strong. 
CRISTIE KERR: No. It's not a matter of not being mentally strong. It's being mentally strong every single day and learning how to do that every day, because it is a challenge to be able to do that every day.

I mean Tiger Woods has been seeing somebody since he was four or five years old and still works with them, so if he needs it, I certainly need it.

Annika as well is somebody since a very young age she's been working with somebody because there's a lot of pressure out there, and if you can just learn how to deal with it and learn where to put it, it really doesn't affect you. You realize it's just stuff you make up in your own head and there's a lot of situations you put yourself in that you put more pressure on yourself when it's really just hitting a golf shot. If you can learn how to just do that, it's limitless.

She was asked about her final round in an interview after the tournament: "I wasn't even nervous walking up the eighteenth fairway, all this mental training is working."
Cristie has been working with Dr. Joe for the last year, and her win at Kingsmill put her on the top of the LPGA Money List.  




The Players Championship has often brought us dramatic finishes, thanks to the intimidating 17th and demanding 18th holes. Each hole has recorded about 200 triple bogeys in the 28 years that the TPC Sawgrass has hosted the event. While we didn't get the late last-round theatrics that we've come to enjoy so much, we did see a special performance by a player that often travels a little under the radar. With an average winning margin through 2008 of just 2.31 strokes, it's usually a close one. Sweden's Henrik Stenson ran away from the best field of the year, with a no-bogey final round of 66. This provided him with an unusually big 4 shot victory over Ian Poulter.  Although Alex Cejka started with a 5-shot lead, he succumbed to the "Tiger effect," the swirl of media and fans and energy that often overwhelms Tiger's fellow competitor in the last pairing on Sunday. Unfortunately for Tiger, it didn't help him as much as it hurt Alex.

While known as the unofficial "5th major" in the realm of professional golf, it often has an exceptionally strong field, and this year was no different, with 47 of the top 50 players in the Official World Golf Ranking participating, and an impressive 102 players with PGA Tour victories. Unlike the official Majors, no player has ever repeated as Champion here in consecutive years.

Here's an interesting insight into the mental game on the PGA Tour - it's a question Rich Lerner asked Davis Love III on Monday of Players week, on GolfChannel.com:

At what point in the round do you begin to think about the shot at No. 17?

Love: "I’ve been thinking about it for about a month."


Tiger did it again. What more can you say?

PS. In his previous tournament, he drove the ball all over the planet, yet Tiger hit a ridiculously high number of fairways all week, including all 14 of them on Sunday. Jack Nicklaus predicted that if he drives the ball that way at the US Open, he'll be one major closer to Jack's record. We have the inside scoop that the mothership has beamed down instructions that he is not to let this occur at Bethpage Black, because if he does then the earthlings will know for sure that he's not human.


GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game

THIS JUST IN: Wall Street Journal Golf Writer John Paul Newport selected it as one of his picks for Father's Day, see the review here.

Dr. Joe's newest book, GOLF:The Art of the Mental Game is now in stores. Featuring 100 timeless drawings by classic illustrator Anthony Ravielli and published by the incomparable Rizzoli Publications, this is one beautiful golf instruction book. As usual, Amazon is selling it at a great price, so please check it out for yourself and consider it when deciding on Father's day gifts this year. The autographed version is also available on-line in our Zen Golf Shop.

We would appreciate your comments, at the Amazon site as well as getting in touch with us directly, as we just love the way the new book turned out.

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GolfWorld Online

Thomas Bonk featured Dr. Joe in an article on popular sports psychologists on the professional tours, leading the article with a classic quote/story from Doc.
Read it here:  GolfWorld Head Games

GOLF DIGEST: August 2009

Golf Digest is featuring Dr. Joe's new book in their Breaking 100-90-80 segment of their August issue. If you're not a subscriber, watch the newsstands in early July - they've done a very nice job excerpting the book.

"At The Turn" with Peter Kessler

Dr. Joe continues to appear regularly after the Major Tournaments on Peter Kessler's very popular radio program on the PGA TOUR Network of XM/Sirius. The program airs monday-friday at 10 a.m. Eastern. Doc's next appearance is at 10:45 Eastern Time on June 23rd.


For those who may be doing the Twitter thing, Dr. Joe can be followed at www.twitter.com/zengolfer

Member's Teleforum

The next Member's Teleforum is scheduled for Monday, June 22 at 5:30 p.m. Pacific, 8:30 p.m. Eastern. Topics will include the U.S. Open and if you have questions, please email them to us by 6 p.m. Sunday, June 21.

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If you watched/listened to any coverage of the final round of the Quail Hollow Championship, you probably heard the astonishment of every commentator who learned that Sean O'Hair made ZERO putts from 10 feet or further for all four rounds. Similarly, in 2008 at the Buick Open, Tiger Woods holed zero of his putts outside 10 feet in the two last rounds of his winning effort.

According to PGA statistics, O'Hair is holing 50.98% of putts from 5' to 10'. That's right, the player with the #1 "All-around ranking" in the statistics department on the PGA Tour is holing barely more than 1/2 of his putts from between 5 and 10 feet from the hole. He's still managed to earn $3 million dollars in 13 tournaments so far this year.

The importance of this stat can not be overstated, and it's something we mention frequently - don't get frustrated or upset if you are not holing your 10-foot putts. The important thing is to "make" your putts - meaning that you are hitting the sweet spot of the putter and starting the putt on the path you intended at the pace you intended. If they don't go in, learn something from them about the break or the speed.  
For more information on any Zen Golf programs, please call the Zen Golf International office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com 
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