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Zen Golf Quote of the Week 9-8-16

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By Dr. Joe Parent

The golf swing is a series of muscle movements, all in sequence. Any interference with that sequence, such as extra muscle tension, interrupts the flow of the swing, causing errors in body action, swing path, and contact point. The average golfer's idea of "trying to hit it farther" actually causes an excess tightening of muscles, which shortens the arc of the swing and reduces the whipping action of the arms, resulting in a loss of distance.
-- from the chapter "Beware of Trying for a Few Extra Yards"
in ZEN GOLF: Mastering The Mental Game
by Dr. Joe Parent 


A common saying among doctors and nutritionists is, “If you want to lose weight, go to bed a little hungry.” It makes sense—you don’t burn up as much fuel while you’re sleeping as you do during your daily activities. However, going to bed so hungry that you can't sleep is counterproductive. So don't take this to an extreme.
-- from the Chapter "Shrink the Window"

in THE BEST DIET BOOK EVER: The Zen of Losing Weight
by Dr. Joe Parent


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Having been on EVERY DIET ever, I weigh in as an expert on seesaw dieting. First thing that resonated with me was the suggestion to approach dieting in a positive (instead of punitive) way. This may sound simple, but for me, it was life-changing. This book does not tell you what to eat, but HOW to change your unhealthy habits bit by bit. In one month, I have lost over five pounds and lots of inches. It may be the last diet book you will ever need.

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  —Cristie Kerr, US Open and LPGA Champion, #1 in Rolex World Rankings of Women’s Golf

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