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January 2009

Happy New Year
2009 PGA Merchandise Show 
Golf Shop Specials
Dr. Joe at Your Club
ZEN GOLF in 2008
Tour Stats to Know
New Book: The Art of the Mental Game



Happy New Year

Best wishes to all you Zen Golfers for a New Year filled with peace, happiness, and a few great rounds.

Meet Dr. Joe at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show

Dr. Joe will be greeting golfers and signing books at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida. 
Doc will be based at the Classic Sports Brands booth, as well as doing appearances at The Booklegger booth and the North Ranch booth.
Check the homepage of the website the week of January 26th for details on times and booths for his appearances.

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Dr. Joe at Your Club

You can invite Dr. Joe to speak at your club, and offer a Zen Putting clinic as well as group lessons and on-course instruction.
For more information, please call the Zen Golf office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com 

ZEN GOLF in 2008

Media:  Dr. Joe had a busy year: helping two GOLF Magazine Editors shoot their career low rounds (October issue); being featured in Golf Digest's January 2009 issue in an article with Cristie Kerr on her return to #1 putter on the LPGA Tour; and continuing his regular columns in Golf Fitness Magazine. He completed work on his third book, GOLF: The Art of the Mental Game, on the bookshelves in April 2009. He continued as a featured guest with post-round analysis of the Majors on "At the Turn" with Peter Kessler on XM radio, and was a featured presenter at the quadrennial World Scientific Congress of Golf, convened at Arizona State University.
Teaching:  Dr. Joe worked closely with members of the PGA and LPGA TOURS, most notably helping past US Open Champion Cristie Kerr return to the winner's circle for the first time in over a year. He spoke to the NCAA Champion UCLA Bruins golf team, and coached players from several other Division I teams, as well as some nationally ranked junior golfers.  

Tour Stats to Know

37 members of the PGA Tour clicked at a 60% or better rate in the Scrambling category for 2008. Scrambling is defined as getting up and down for par or better after missing a green in regulation. It's ironic that the skill is referred to as "Scrambling," when "Keeping your Head" might be a better way to describe it. It's natural to get down on ourselves when we miss greens. We feel as if we are not getting chances at pars and birdies, and start to press - to hit longer drives, going for unlikely recovery shots, and generally not remaining in the proper frame of mind.
By approaching missed greens as opportunities to demonstrate our good short games, we take away the negative implications, and with them, the perceived need to try harder to do everything else better.  
(The next 150 or so PGA Pros managed to get up and down no less than 5 times out of every ten attempts.) 
A good idea for 2009 is to approach each scrambling opportunity you face as a chance to keep your head and save a stroke or two.

Dr. Joe's New Book

Watch for Dr. Joe's newest book, GOLF:The Art of the Mental Game in April 2009. Published by the incomparable Rizzoli Publications, and featuring the art of classic illustrator Anthony Ravielli. Pre-order your copy now at amazon. Here's a pre-publication excerpt:
          Being in the zone means playing golf with total freedom from doubt and self-consciousness. It doesn’t mean you’ll hit every shot perfectly, but even a missed shot here or there won’t diminish your confidence.
          How do we get to that freedom? It starts with training that requires some conscious intention to groove the most efficient habits in the setup and swing. Consciously thinking about technique is something that should only be done in practice, while you’re learning. When you take your game to the course, you need to trust yourself to make the best swing you can. In playing the game, self-consciously thinking about how to swing while you’re swinging gets in the way more than it helps.
          Trusting your swing doesn’t mean that you’ll make a great swing every time. It means you’ll let your body do its best to reproduce the feel and tempo you’ve ingrained on the range. When it’s time to swing, let your mind be filled with an image of the target and let your body swing the club without self-consciously thinking about how to do it. That is being in the zone. 
©2009 Dr. Joseph Parent
For more information on any Zen Golf programs, please call the Zen Golf International office at (805)640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com 
Feel free to forward this newsletter, or links to archived newsletters. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are other topics you’d like to see addressed in our Zen Golf Newsletters, or any other feedback that will help us serve you better.
Yours in Clarity, Commitment, and Composure, 
Ken Zeiger 
Program Director, 
Zen Golf International 
©2009 Dr. Joe Parent
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