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November-December 2006

  • Year-End Comments from Dr. Joe
  • Upcoming Events Reminders
    • February 24-25 Golf Academy
    • February 26-27 Coaches Gathering
  • Updates on Zen Putting and Members' Section
  • Zen Putting Excerpt

Dear Zen Golfer,
Wishing you a Happy New Year of 2007. May all your aspirations for golf and life be thoroughly fulfilled. In this newsletter, I'll fill you in on the latest news, and give some previews of upcoming happenings.

This has been quite a year: the new book is completed, an extensive corporate speaking program was very successful, and we continued to receive emails from all over the world telling how much Zen Golf made a difference in people's golf games, and more importantly in their lives.

Here is one of those stories...

"Dr. Parent - I just turned the last page of your book, ZEN GOLF, a gift from my wife, a clergy-person who received the book from another clergy-person who pronounced ZEN GOLF a wonderful guide for clergy. So, I read your wonderful book. It couldn't have been better or have come my way at a better time. Oh, and I think it will help me with my golf game, too. Sincerely, Bobby D."


We had our first Coaches' Gathering in Ojai, attended by four PGA teaching pros and four mental game coaches. It proved an exciting opportunity to share and learn, and we hope more will join us in February for the second session.

Zen Golf was often applied in other sports, helping a university softball team win the national championship and making a difference for players and coaches in football, baseball, hockey, tennis, archery, bowling, target shooting and auto racing.

If you have any success stories, we appreciate receiving them and being able to offer them (anonymously) as inspiration for others.


Golf Academy Program February 24-25, 2007

The Ojai Valley Inn Golf Academy Program combines Zen Golf mental game lessons with Director of Instruction Jeff Johnson's video analysis and swing technique lessons. The program is a unique combination of a mental game seminar with Dr. Joe each morning, followed by video and practice area lessons with Jeff before lunch. After lunch Dr. Joe and Jeff work together on swing and mental images. Putting and short game work are also covered. Afternoons will feature on-the-course playing lessons with both instructors.

Program includes two nights lodging at the deluxe Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Resort, instructional materials, a Zen Golf Audiobook, video swing analysis, lunches, green fees and cart.

Program Schedule: 8:30pm - 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday

$795 per person (commuter rate = no lodging)

$1195 per person (single occupancy)*

$1995 per couple (or double occupancy)*

*(Please note: this is a 50% discount from standard room rates)

To register, please call the Ojai Valley Inn at 805-646-1111 and ask for Jeff Johnson in the Pro Shop. For more information, call the Zen Golf office at 805640-1046 or email info@zengolf.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

February 26-27 Coaches' Gathering with Dr. Parent

The first Coaches' Gathering in October led by Dr. Parent, for golf coaches and sports psychologists, was a great success. We will be offering a second program on Monday and Tuesday February 26-27, immediately following the Golf Academy Program at the Ojai Valley Inn.

Please understand that this is not a training program, and there is no certification associated with it. It is an opportunity for those in the coaching profession to share their experiences and learn from others in applying mental game principles, particularly as they relate to Zen Golf, to their own work.

There will also be occasional opportunities for regional one-day gatherings, following Dr. Parent's travel schedule. If you would like to have a regional Coaches Gathering with Dr. Parent in your area, call the Zen Golf office at 805-640-1046 for scheduling arrangements.


Update on Zen Putting

The fall saw the final editing of Zen Putting: Mastering the Mental Game on the Greens. It is still on schedule to be on the bookshelves in time for the Masters, in early April 2007.

Review copies were sent out and we received a wonderful response from great golfers, coaches, and other luminaries.

The cover design is just being completed - you'll find it definitely follows the principle of taking a different perspective.

An audiobook version is in the development stages. 

Update on the Members' Section

Work on the book diverted my attention from work on the website and members' section the past few months. Last newsletter I explained that we will be communicating with you soon about what will be offered as benefits of membership, and how you sign up. The Members' Section will offer previews of Zen Putting chapters between now and the official publication date. That is still our intention, and we'll be working on it earnestly in January.


Zen Putting Excerpt

Unconditional confidence in your putting means that you believe you are a great putter, even if you've made a few poor putts lately. You see good putts as a confirmation of your fundamental ability; you regard poor putts as flukes, the result of temporary conditions or distractions. The same principle applies to your whole game. You have the choice of seeing yourself as a good golfer who has hit some poor shots, or as a poor golfer who gets lucky once in a while. It's up to you. As the great industrialist Henry Ford said: "Believe you can or believe you can't, either way you're right."

The most profound level of unconditional confidence is an underlying belief in your own worthiness as a person, beyond putting, beyond golf, beyond any circumstances of your life. It is unshakeable trust in your basic goodness as a human being.

When you have the panoramic view of unconditional confidence, you can evaluate what is happening in any situation from an unbiased vantage point. Openness to experience without bias provides you accurate, valuable information for learning and improving your process for the future. Clarity of purpose and commitment to action naturally arise from the firm ground of unconditional confidence.


Feel free to forward this newsletter, or links to archived newsletters. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there are other topics you'd like to see addressed in our Zen Golf Newsletters, or any other feedback that will help us serve you better.

Yours in Clarity, Commitment, and Composure,
Dr. Joe

© 2006 Dr. Joseph Parent
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