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Life/Performance Coaching
Call (805) 640-1046  or email to schedule your session.
Coaching and Mindfulness Instruction
Telephone/Skype Consultations: Dr. Parent’s Performance Enhancement Programs and Life Coaching are specifically targeted for high performing individuals and corporate executives. Many of Dr. Parent's clients, including Fortune 500 CEO's, Professional Athletes and Elite Hollywood Actors, work regularly with Dr. Joe over the phone, or video conference via Skype
The programs are based on his unique NINJA System, which stands for Necessary Intention & Non-Judgmental Awareness and the  “PAR” Approach, which stands for Preparation, Action and
Response to Results. He teaches participants to prepare with clear commitment and composure, to perform with focus and intensity in action, and to respond to results in ways that make them more efficient and effective at work, at play, and in all aspects of their lives.
Cognitive, emotional, and behavioral habit-changing techniques help participants to build on and
enhance their strengths while addressing and overcoming weaknesses. Applying these techniques creates a cycle of continuous improvement. Through specific body and mind exercises taught by Dr. Parent, individuals are able to clear mental interference (thoughts of doubt, or mental chatter about past and future). This opens the door to achieving peak performance through accessing and staying in the Zone.
Mindful Awareness Practice
Dr. Parent has explored mindful awareness in the Buddhist tradition for more the 40 years, 35 as an instructor. His synthesis of Western psychology and Eastern practices have proven to be extremely effective for improving all aspects of his students lives; from relationship issues to job stress and simply living a rich life.
Features and Benefits of Dr. Parent’s Coaching:

You will learn:
  • Unique Systems for Changing Unhelpful Habits
  • Strategies for Continuous Improvement
  • Methods for Managing and Channeling the Energy of Emotions
  • Breathing and Bodywork Techniques
You will gain insights and skills that:
  • Increase Happiness and Productivity
  • Improve Thinking Processes, Decision-Making, and Self-Talk
  • Strengthen Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Help Manage Stress and Facilitate Flow
  • Create Breakthroughs to Peak Performance
$120 per 1/2 hour session.

(Discounts available for prepaid package of sessions).
Call (805) 640-1046 to schedule your phone consultation.

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