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76.. best-ever score at a course without windmills

I was stunned. The round had been easy and stress-free. Like shooting fish, without fins, in a barrel...As I walked to my car, I signed my scorecard — using my first signature — and looked up. The sky seemed much bluer than it was supposed to be....

- Connell Barrett, GOLF Magazine, Editor-at-Large

A real game changer and maybe even a life changer.

5 out of 5 stars - -

Probably one of the most important books I have ever read. I was so impressed after reading the kindle version I bought the hardback copy as well for my library. There wasn't a single page that didn't contain words of wisdom. After reading the first half of the book I put into practice some of the processes Mr Parent talked about and I have to say I have never enjoyed 18 holes more. At 60 I have been playing for about 4 years and am a 12 handicapper. This book will take me to another level. But the real kicker is that it isn't just a book about golf... Brilliant!

- David J N from Amazon

ZEN GOLF is Powerful

- easy to comprehend and apply. Dr. Parent has given me very effective methods for working with thoughts and emotions, and for taking the negatives out of the picture.

- Vijay Singh, Masters and PGA Champion

I talk to Doc a couple times a week on the phone

It definitely puts things in perspective because you can put too much emphasis on results and, oh, I have to do this and I have to do that. Instead my approach now is focus on the process that I have to go through, and the results will take care of themselves.

It's just made me more at peace with myself and my abilities.

- Cristie Kerr, U.S. Women's Open Champion

Doc does a great job

teaching the all-important principles of the mental game - for putting, golf, and everything you do.

- David Toms, PGA Champion and Ryder Cup player

Zen golf teaches the mental attitude we need

to enjoy the journey, so that golf can be celebrated and not simply endured. Your wisdom has made a huge impact on the way I look at golf, and at life as well.

- Tina Mickelson, PGA Teaching Professional

We owe it all to zen golf

Ray Romano and Kevin James,
on winning the Celebrity Shoot-Out

- at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

zen golf is an excellent book

I found many very valuable lessons that I am using to improve my game.

- Shigeki Maruyama, PGA Tour Winner

i've been reading his books for years

I love the insight and expertise that Dr. Parent brings to the game of golf. I've been reading his books for years, and they have helped me improve my golf game.

- Brittany Lincicome, LPGA Tour Winner

dr. parent taught me the mental game

and helped me to get back in the winner's circle. ZEN GOLF is the way to be focused and get the most out of your game.

- Carlos Franco, PGA Tour Rookie of the year 1999

I recommend the books to all my students

Dr. Joe gives golfers just what they need to keep their cool and play their best.

- Katherine Roberts, fitness guru, Yoga for Golfers

This is simply the best golf book I've ever read.

What's the point of golf? What are we trying to achieve while we're out there? Simply put, the point is to get the ball in the cup as quickly as possible and enjoy the process. I played a round early this summer, had an awful time, came off the course stressed and feeling bad about my behavior. I was literally hyperventalating over putts. Turns out I scored well. So something was amiss, right? This book has me enjoying the game again. Zen Golf is not a deep and difficult treatise of the deeper meaning of life and golf. It is closer to an instruction manual on how to play better golf and enjoy the game more. It addresses concepts like trust, confidence and positive thinking. I now enjoy those 3-iron punch shots out of the trees. I'm learning to enjoy those 5-footers. Every shot is an opportunity and there's no need for fear or negativity. My "evil caddie" seldom comes around, and when he does, I know what to do.

- Bill Ray, Eugene, OR [AMAZON review]

Zen Golf is a really great book.

The stories and images make the points easy to remember and call up when you need them. Easy to read, simple and clear lessons that can be applied to your game right away. Started reading it just before the US Open and used it in the tournament to help me clear away unwanted thoughts, applying what you taught in the chapter "Can You Put a Cat in a Box?" Zen Golf gives you a new and better approach to working with thoughts than traditional sports psychology.

- Charles Howell III, PGA TOUR

I am not a golfer

nor have I ever picked up a golf club but I am a very serious and avid pool player. Over several years I have taught myself through trial and error, practice, observation, and the written and videotaped material available everything I know about pool. I am pretty proud of how far I have come on my own without professional lessons or formal teaching. A lot is lacking in my game and I am always on the lookout for anything that might help me in my understanding of pool and how to improve my game. Zen Golf is by far the greatest book I have ever read on the subject and its teachings have opened up a whole new world for me. My understanding of how to play has increased so much it is hard to believe that something like this was out there and I had never heard or been recommended to it by any of my peers. The material is light-years ahead of its billiard counterparts. It's amazing because the games of golf and pool are so parallel to each other, more so than any other two sports in my opinion. I would just like to thank Dr. Parent for this book.

- Chris, OH

Brilliant! Well written and easily understood

this book gives you the tools that will change your life [even on the golf course].

- P. Ballingall, Amazon review

Joseph Parent's advice applies to all levels

The one time I had a perfect (for me) round of golf I noticed that the game seemed extremely simple. The rest of the time, I wonder how it can be so complicated to try and reproduce that simplicity. Zen golf gets to the root of this and offers a path there, and the opportunity to have that round at any time.
Joseph Parent's advice applies to all levels of golfers and is a guide to consistent and reproduceable results. It is one of those rare books on golf that doesn't fill your head with things to consider while you play, it does the opposite by showing you how to clear your head and in doing so clear away the obstacles that prevent us and our bodies from naturally performing the way we are capable of. I expect that the short time it took me to read this book will have a long-lasting effect on the way I will play golf from now on, and I am in the process of reading it for a second time.

- David Margolis, RI [AMAZON review]

Great reading, and better putting!

Recommend highly; It's the thinking person's book, towards lower scores and more enjoyment out of the game.

- C. Morita "Golf Crazy" Amazon Review

A light goes on

I was very surprised reading this book. I never thought the mental aspect of golf could have that much impact on my game. The explanations and comparisons make sense and a light goes on as soon as you read them. I can't wait to put the PAR approach into play next spring.

- J. Paske, WI [AMAZON review]

There's no other book like Zen Golf.

If you want to know what has gotten in the way of playing better and what you can do about it, look no further.

- Mike 'Radar' Reid, PGA Tour Winner

Zen golf is a roadmap to inner confidence,

self- awareness, and the feel of a purely struck golf shot. This approach to learning and life is a wonderful and powerful expression of the future for golf instruction.

- Fred Shoemaker, Author of Extraordinary Golf

I have read and re-read this book nearly ten times

Why? Because not everything is applicable at any one time. One chapter may stand out more in March, while another may make more sense for you in October. As you learn to apply different principals, you may change your ideas, reactions, and approach to the game we all love.

- Sheila, Albuquerque, NM

Zen Golf spoke to me.

So much of Zen Golf spoke to me that I called Dr. Parent. Soon after I shot 63 in the first round and played my best tournament of the year.

- Tommy Armour III, PGA Tour

Zen Putting was extremely helpful to me,

not only for my putting, but because of how it relates to life and what Golf means in my life. After my injury, it motivated me to start practicing, and when I got to Q-School it helped me focus on what I could achieve. I would recommend Zen Putting to players like me, who love the game, but know that there is more to life than just Golf.

- Carolina Llano, LPGA Tour Professional

Zen Golf really hit home for me.

I read it on the plane and put it to use in the tournament when I arrived. Reading it fires me up and makes me want to go out and play great golf!

- J.J. Henry, PGA Tour

I was so impressed with Dr. Parent's book!

I called him up and arranged a one-day, 9-hour, private lesson with him at Rancho San Marcos in Santa Barbara on January 13. We talked about my game for an hour and a half, emphasizing the places my mental game was breaking down, then worked on my biggest weakness---chipping and pitching---for two hours before breaking for lunch, then playing the Rancho San Marcos course together (a terrific and lightly-played Robert Trent Jones, Jr. track). Folks, I don't know when I've ever hit the ball better than I hit it that day and his short game advice seems to have solved my chronic problems in that area. I followed this by shooting a 79 last Monday at the Prince Course at Princeville, Kauai, one of the toughest tracks I've ever seen (142 slope rating), which is a great score for me; most importantly, I played this tough course, with danger everywhere, without being burdened by the fear and anxiety about the bad things that can happen when I put a golf club in my hands. I think Dr. Parent's book and personal instruction have taken me to a new plateau, and on that basis recommend him wholeheartedly (while hoping I won't regress to old habits and old fears!). I think you can get 80-90% of what he has to teach from his book, but if you have the opportunity to get personal instruction from him, I recommend it. So, that's my unsolicited advice for the day.

- Guy S, San Francisco

zen golf will be an annual reading for me

When I first read the book I picked up a lot of great things to help me with my game. The second time a few weeks later has helped me even more. I am now able to relax in competitive rounds and handle the pressure much better. I played in a recent match play event where I played against a stronger player and I won 2 and 1. It was a first and the technigues presented helped me to keep my focus and win. This has created a new outlook for me on the game and how to deal with other pressures off the course. This will be an annual reading for me to stay tuned up.

- Thanks. John R.

What have you done with my husband?

I have no doubt you receive many, many emails of this nature. Here is one more for your collection.

I've been listening to your book, "Zen Golf", on audio all week. Yesterday I put your methods to the test.

I play golf with my wife every Thursday afternoon. On one particularly long par 4, I hit a fabulous shot that happened to plug in the face of the greenside bunker. When I started laughing and said, "that looks like a fun bunker shot", she turned to me and said, "who are you, and what have you done with my husband?"

The fact of the matter is that yesterday was the most fun I have had playing golf in a long time. Using just a few of your techniques allowed me to play very relaxed and in fact, very well. It was one of the best rounds I have played in weeks.

After finishing 17 with a par, anxious thoughts began creeping into my mind. I glanced up toward the sky and smiled. I said out loud, "I acknowledge you, I know you are there, but i am going to dive under you and par number 18. You can hang around all you like, but while you thrash around up there, I will be diving under you, down here." I shot par on 18, perfectly.

Thank you for your book!

- Bart K.

Wonderful mental game book

Joseph Parent writes a wonderful mental game book, using Zen as his metaphor and approach to golf excellence. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game is very readable and understandable.

- Bill Cole, from Amazon.com review

I will keep zen golf at my side

and review it every chance it get. What a difference in my attitude and thinking while on the course. I have been telling all of my friends about this book. Hope the next book is on the way! Thanks again Dr. Parent, for the help. 

- Chet G., Stockton, CA

How to enjoy the game.

More than anything else, Zen Golf, showed me how to enjoy the game. My expectations of great outcomes got in my way. Now, by focusing on the process instead of the results and by using the techniques outlined in Dr. Parent's book, its more fun. And, surprise! The results are more pleasing.  The best golfers in the world are employing golf psychologists. Zen Golf is a great way to learn what the pros are learning.

- David Yossem, Santa Barbara, CA

I've dropped my handicap from 19 to 16.

And I had a hole-in-one! After reading Zen Golf, I tried the excerises for breathing and for slowing down. Well to my total amazement, on my next round I shot an 84!!!(handicap is 19 and a good day is normally 94-95) Since reading your book, in just three weeks, I've dropped my handicap from 19 to 16. And I had a hole-in-one! Thanks.

- Al M., Newbury Park CA

Changed my life

i just wanted to say i really love ur book it has changed my life not just for golf but in life. it helped me view the world differently by thinking differently. My golf game is improving with ur books help and i just wanted to say thank you very much.

- Dustin T.

A special treat

I purchased the audio version of Zen Putting the first day it was available. Both of Dr. Joe's books have had a profound impact on my approach to golf as well as to the challenges that life brings every day. I enjoyed reading (and re-reading) both books. It is a special treat to have Dr. Joe reading the audio versions.

- thanks again, Dave W.

I just finished reading zen golf...

and highlighting many paragraphs and sentences. Being a part-time student of Buddhism and its many forms over many years, I was reminded of and reinforced with the relevance of the teachings for all aspects of life. Your insights and recommendations have enhanced my enjoyment of the game and their application are bearing fruit in my advancement in all phases of the game of golf and life. I shall read and reread your teachings often. They are so meaningful in their clarity and simplicity. Thank you for your contribution to my life and of friends' life's to whom I have gifted your book.

- George A., Thank you

I've purchased many copies for friends.

I have to say thank you for your powerful book. It's helped my scoring tremendously while taming the stress of competitive golf. Your concepts of clarity, commitment, and composure have also helped off the course. I've purchased many copies for friends, including a playing partner who is currently battling cancer.

- Thanks, -Steve M.

Thank you for writing Zen Golf.

It was great. I found it a very informative book, yet also very entertaining. I liked the many lessons your book had about how to approach life such as the lesson to be "Involved or Commited" Thanks again.

- Frank A., Seattle WA

I love this book

It has changed my outlook on everything I do, Not just golf. I'm more patient, less stressed and just an all around better person. The main thing I've learned from this book is how to forgive myself and not be so harsh to myself when I make mistakes in life and golf. I have begun to realize that approval of everyone around me is not near as important as the approval I give myself in my own mind. I have recomended this book to everyone that I know.  Thank you for this book. 

- sincerely, Doug P

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